Hi there, its Chef Linda.

Whether you are interested in planning a home cooking party, celebrating a special moment in your life like a birthday or in need of Private Chef Services, I can customize a healthy menu so you have time to enjoy your party or event as the host.

As a Southern & California Cuisine Personal Chef, I enjoy creating fast and simple healthy meals for you. I also enjoy creating tapas, tasty snacks and appetizers for business luncheons. The key is seasoning my fresh ingredients with herbs, spices and other seasonings. Understanding flavor profiles is key to creating tasting dishes from scratch, keeping the salt and sugar low.

We can also discuss ways to create new or recipe remakes so you do not have to give up your favorite casseroles, pasta or desserts when you take a favorite dish to parties. I offer grocery shopping tips, cupboard clearing and how to understand food labeling so you can identify those disguised sugars, carbs or other chemical ingredients that you read (but don’t need) on the labels of modified foods that are disguised as healthy in the grocery aisles today. 

I have been inspired by my Mother since I was a girl to cook Southern meals with her in the kitchen “based on my family recipes”. She used to say, “put on your apron, fire up the oven and let’s get cookin’ ” Now I have converted my old family recipes and my own new dishes to be healthy, tasty and nutritious. Sweet and savory flavors ….the natural way, from scratch!

So remember, low-calorie, healthy dishes does not mean that your meals have to lack taste. Fresh food prepared properly should burst with flavor on your palate’ and boost your energy!

So contact me today so we can start planning your next party or event to make it fun, tasty and memorable! Learn how to create dishes using my cooking methods and techniques, so you don’t have to “follow the rules in recipes.” 

Nourishing Wishes,
Chef Linda

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