Hail Merry Tasty Treats Review

I found this company, “Hail Merry” when I attended the GF-AF Expo in September. As a GF-AF  Health Coach, I was looking for companies that produced great chocolate treats to recommend to my clients. “Hail Merry” was my “favorite find of the day.” I was thrilled when Claudia said “ Yes! We make gluten-free and vegan friendly chocolate products.” She allowed me to sample Merry’s Miracle Chocolate Tart filled with Almond Butter. The chocolate was decadent and had a smooth almond middle which melted in my mouth.

I have since had the opportunity to taste their scrumptious non GMO macaroons including the flavors: Cocoa, Caramel Sea Salt and Strawberry. I bet you can guess which one was my favorite. These tasty morsels are stored in a zip lock bag and can act as a snack on the go!

Give them a try for holiday parties or gifts. Checkout them out on www.Amazon.com or their website: www.hailmerry.com .

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