Montana Gluten Free – Flours, Oats, & Pastry Mixes Review

When I attended the GF-AF Expo last September I came across a unique flour from Montana GF. As a GF-AF Health Coach, I am always looking for companies that produce great flours, breads and pastry mixes to recommend to my clients. I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Iverson from Montana GF and he introduced me to a new line of toasted Oat flour and Dark-Light brown bread mixes. This was a great treat for me sinceI was headed out the door. But I stopped because I remember the bread samples were dark, highly risen and moist. I have had fun experimenting with some of the other products since then such as: GF Oats (which I made monster cookies that were amazing!), Pumpkin Pastry Mix (which I made spicey muffins) and some bread (used Timtana Flour) which has a nutty flavor and is made from the ground seed of Timothy grass. Who knew? I am still in the process of trying some of this special company’s other products. I can’t wait to visit their booth again this year to see what new products they have to offer!

Give these products a try in your recipes at your Superbowl party or just enjoy baking for your family. Checkout their great recipes on their website:

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