Nutri Stahl

I wanted to share this offer with my friends & family who can really appreciate a commercial grade, non-stick, waterless/no oil cooking process that will save you time, calories and $$ on your energy bills. I have never seen anything like it until my friend & fellow chef, Sean Croxton, introduced it to me this holiday season. This cookware set is promoted to cancer centers in the U.S. due to its ability to prepare food using a low fat, non- toxic process.

  22piece Nutri-Stahl Cookware

This 22-piece cookware set is versatile & comes with a lifetime guarantee. It would easily cost you a minimum $1000 retail from any other distributor or showroom floor. Plus, you get a lifetime warranty — that way, you’ll never have to buy cookware again.  Please watch the video to see Guy Herald demonstrating the high quality and benefits of using this cookware.

Guy’s family has been marketing this cookware for over 60 years and ships directly to you.  Now due to my business discount, I can pass this huge discount on directly to you through this short time offer.

To order, dial 1-760-505-7057 or send an email to: Use my promo code: Palate for the discount. This business discount will make you smile from ear to ear & believe in Santa again! Due to contract regulations with the factory, Guy won’t let me tell you what this great offer includes but he will let you know via email or phone when you get in touch with him.

If you call Guy at 1-760-505-7057 and he doesn’t answer, leave a voicemail. He’ll get right back with you! Tell him Linda from Pleasin’ the Palate sent you. Enjoy how delicious your new dishes are going to taste! Cheers! Linda